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Borrow Don't Steal (feat. Scott Boster)

from Creationism by Abstraction



Don't be afraid to borrow. Chord progressions, sounds, little ditties, tiny things, just snatch 'em all up.

And one of the reasons why I can churn stuff out is because I don't have a problem reusing or borrowing something that I heard.

And I used to, because I thought it not original, not creative. But I quickly found out that I am not original or creative. I can't make up a new thing!

And I very much doubt, anyways, that any of the people that I listen to were first ones to think of a particular progression. So once you get over that, sounding good is easy. Because you just borrow.

Basically, let's just copy it and just do a little changey thing, and then pretend like it's yours. No one will know.

No one knows. The new generation now can steal everything from the older generation and pretend it's theirs.

Charlie: Oh, that's kind of controversial.

Scott: Is it?

Charlie: Obviously, chords and melodies, there's only so many things you can do.

Scott: Yeah, you don't want to push it. Don't be blatant about it, be subtle. Like a sneaky thief in the night. And also be respectful, like leave them a little note saying "thank you very much, for what you've done."

But if you listen enough, you start to pick up on the enormous amount of repetitive, you know, the same chord progression over and over and over again from the same artist all the time.

It's easy to churn out a lot of songs if you have a lot of different chord progressions in your mind and you know that "you know what? If I do this and I do this, it'll sound new enough."



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