Follow Through (feat. John Anealio)

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And I think most people are creative in one way the other. A lot of people feel like the have a book in them or a song in them or they have a TV show idea. And you can sit around and talk about that all you want.

But until it is actually a reality, it doesn't count.

When I was younger, I don't know how many songs I half wrote, but never quite finished and never finished recording or never even started recording. And no one knows that those songs existed. So it kinda doesn't count until you finish it, and then put it out into the world.

Now I'm not saying put crap out into the world, but there comes a time when finishing and moving on I think is vital. Otherwise you're just holding on to all these old works.

And I think if you want to grow as any sort of creative person. You need to finish things.

That cliché of art is not finished, it's abandoned. Yes, it could always be better. But you have to finish and you have to put it out because otherwise you're just the guy talking about your art and you're not the guy doing it.

You get better by doing it, finishing it, learning from that process and then moving to the next thing.


from Creationism, released January 25, 2017
Featuring: John Anelio

Composer Quest Episode 20:

Metal tongue drum recorded by Jessica Scott (aka: Dead Squirrels).


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Abstraction Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hi. My name is Ben. I make things, sometimes for other people.

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