Push Boundaries (feat. Daniel Levitin)

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I think all art, and imagination, at some point, leads you to think about things that aren't true. And that can be a great exercise for adapting to the world.

I think that it's the job of the artist to push the boundaries of what we're comfortable with and to make us see things differently than we would otherwise see them.

I think that having art is a cornerstone of a free society and that artists help us re-contextualize things, to make connections that we might not otherwise make. And they're not always successful at it, but I think part of that is artists pushing boundaries of the art itself.

Asking the question "what is art" and "what is music" and "what are the limits". And we saw it in the Dadaist movement with painting, and we saw a kind of backlash against that with hyperrealism and photorealism. So in terms of evolution I think we've evolved as a question-asking species.

And those questions have helped us do things like harness the power of fire and discover the wheel and have agriculture and decode DNA and discover penicillin and all this stuff and what you get out of that is music that many people find unlistenable, but part of the game.


from Creationism, released January 25, 2017
Featuring: Daniel Levitin

Composer Quest Episode 144: www.charliemccarron.com/2016/05/daniel-levitin-on-evolution-and-songwriting/


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