Covered in Cats

by Abstraction

What drives a creator to create? For some it may be the legacy of fame or the luxury of fortune, but for many, if not most artists, I think they create because they have to. In the absence of creative endeavors, some broken part of their subconscious wells up and presses against other functions of the mind, disrupting them. This quickly becomes a curse as the desperate rattle of a painting, or novel, or album drowns out all other thoughts. Days or weeks are lost while plumbing the depths and branching ideas of possibilities. The torturous frustration as the clumsy body fails to recreate into reality the immaculate vision of the mind. But the highs, oh those highs! When art flows and you are a conduit for lightning! When knowledge, skills, and training finally align into a perfect focus turning random diffuse light into a hot, fast laser beam. That is the feeling of immortality, the feeling that seems to justify this brief, fragile existence. So open that release valve, just a little bit, and let the demons play for a while.
You faxed me a grainy image breaking our quiet last night. Ripped from the nebulous ether sent in dithered black and white. == CHORUS == Do you hear me Up there Can you hear me Through the noise Do you hear me Up there Can you hear me I failed to grasp the spirals printed on that page you drew But I'll be damned and dead when I let you know that too. == CHORUS == I couldn't find a voice for your position So I hid with easy words I'm just a musician == CHORUS == My plastic talked with yours in the gloom of the next eve; their prattle pulled my feelings through a crisscross copper sieve. == CHORUS x2 ==
I'm just sittin' here Watchin' the time go I'm just sittin' here Takin' it real slow Just sittin' here Wonderin' what to do Just sittin' here Writin' a song for you So I play these keys and sometimes I pluck some strings I play these keys and wonder what it really means To just be sittin' here wishin' you were too Just sittin' here writin a song for you


Covered in Cats is a contemplative exploration into a slew of genres including solo piano, sampled vinyl, melodic ambient, and upbeat synth pop.

This album is my submission for NaSoAlMo15 (, a challenge to create an entire solo album in the month of November).


released December 1, 2015




Abstraction Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hi. My name is Ben. I make things, sometimes for other people.

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