Thirteen is My Favorite Prime

by Abstraction

What you have is nothing more than a system of wires and circuits. It can show feelings only to the extent of which you program it to. It will be your friend no more than the table you built it on will be.
Earth's final pioneers will not venture into forgotten depths of the planet, but into the cathedral of myriad stars laid above it. Humanity will finally reach out from the deep well where it's slumbered, and touch the tiny points of light suspended in unyielding darkness.
Contact is 50 meters... 20 meters... 10 meters... Contact made. Interlock established. Tethers still holding. I'm breaching the hull now. ... Where the hell are we?
If you've seen the things I've seen, friend, you wouldn't want to sleep either.
--Sampled from 50 Cent's In Da Club-- You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub. Mana, I got what you need if you need to feel a buzz. I'm into havin' sex I ain't into makin' love. So come give me a hug If you're into gettin' rubbed.
Don't worry 'bout it, happens a lot when I'm right. I drop the mic. Mmm, that sounds cool.


Compiled from years of experimentation, Thirteen is My Favorite Prime deviates from my usual fare of downtempo ambient. I pushed my boundaries and set out to create music that moves the body and engages the mind. Like my other music, most songs have a narrative associated with it and it's up to the listener to interpret what that story is.

Included in the download is a "commentary" file which talks about each song individually and offers a little more insight into the creative process for me.


released May 10, 2013

Shudda Shades: 50 Cent In Da Club sample licensed through

Drop the Mic: Audio samples lifted (with permission) from Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin':

Permanence: Original Permanence song written by Chris Genetti (Genettic):




Abstraction Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hi. My name is Ben. I make things, sometimes for other people.

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