Millions of Little Screens

from by Abstraction



Sampled from "Björk talking about her TV"


But this is different
This is millions and millions of little screens
Who send light on you

So you become hypnotized
All that's on TV, it just goes directly into your brain
And you stop judging if it's right or not
So you just swallow and swallow

This is an Icelandic poet told me once
And I became so scared that I always got headaches when I watched it

But then later on I stopped being afraid
Because I read the truth and that's the scientifical truth
Which is much better

You shouldn't let poets lie to you


from One Last Bonfire Before the World Ends, released November 30, 2018




Abstraction Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hi. My name is Ben. I make things, sometimes for other people.

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